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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Margaret Outlaw who was born in South Carolina on August 20, 1939 and passed away on February 21, 2005 at the age of 65. We will remember her forever.

Wallace, SC

    Margaret "Lib" Outlaw, 65, died Monday February 21, 2005. Born in Cheraw, SC she was a daughter of the late Samuel M. and Myrtle White Hewitt. She was a member of the Wallace Baptist Church. Mrs. Outlaw was treasurer of the Wallace Water Company. She enjoyed reading, traveling, grandkids and being with family.
    Surviving are her husband Junior Outlaw of Wallace, SC, three sons, Ronnie (Joyce) Outlaw of Charlotte, NC, Donnie Outlaw of Atlanta, GA, Berri (Lorri) Outlaw of Dayton, OH, two sisters Susan (Oscar) Faulkenberry of Chesterfield, SC, Shirley (Gary) Graves of Pickering, MO and 3 grandchildren, Brandon Leif Outlaw, Kimberly Outlaw and Bethany Margaret Outlaw. Also several nieces and nephews.
    She is preceded in death by her parents listed above, a daughter, Kimberly Outlaw, and a brother, Gene C. Hewitt.
    Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society, 950 48th Ave., Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 or to the American Heart Association, Pee Dee Regional Office, BTC-009, 181 E. Evans St., Florence, SC 29506 or the Wallace Baptist Church Hwy#1 Wallace, SC 29596. 

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Update  / Berri Outlaw (Son)

I have been thinking a lot about you lately and wanted you to know how much all of us miss you. Maggie is walking and getting into everything. She has been climbing on top of furniture and basically trying to break her neck. She has no un...  Continue >>
I Love You  / Berri Outlaw (Son)
Mom,I have been missing you a lot lately. Mothers Day came and you were not here. I felt empty, I wanted to talk to you but those times are gone. I wish that I could have one more chance to tell you all the things that needed to be said. I guess that...  Continue >>
Here withou you   / Berri Outlaw (Son)
Mom, I am still here. I am doing my best every day to survive in this mad world without you, Dad, Donnie and now Ronnie. I pray every day that all of you have found each other on the other side of this life. I know you raised me to believe that sal...  Continue >>
I am not sure if I can get over this mom.   / Berri Outlaw (Son)
I always told you I would go crazy if you died. I know now what I said was true not the optimistic 12 year old that only knew he loved his mom. I am doing better. I am back with Lorri and the girls and we are living in your house. I think you would l...  Continue >>
SC  / Shirley (sister)
I just got home this week from SC--it was a sad visit--we lost Donny--yes your Donny on Juli 4th.   I stayed for a while.  He had moved back to Wallace in your house.  He had a blood clot and did not go to the dr soon enough. ...  Continue >>
Please Forgive Me  / Lorri Outlaw (Friend)    Read >>
I came to ease some pain.  / Lorri Outlaw (friend)    Read >>
birthday / Shirley (sister)    Read >>
Dad is with you now  / Donnie Outlaw (Son)    Read >>
miss you  / Shirley (sister)    Read >>
Christmas 2008  / Shirley (sister)    Read >>
After Thanksgiving shopping trip  / Susan (Sister)    Read >>
thanksgiving 2007  / Shirley &. Susan (sisters)    Read >>
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Her legacy
My Mother  





Lord, please welcome my mother into your arms

And warm her with your love.

Keep her joyful as she rests in the place prepared for her above.

In our hearts we know her place is by your side

To look upon us throughout the rest of our lives

As she watches the children grow and learn

We will be reminded of all she has done.

She gave her love and showed kindness to every one,

I am definitely proud to be her son.

Her memory will echo in all of our minds

Every day for the rest of our time.

Please Lord, keep her close and help ease our pain.

Remind us all we will be together again.

In a meeting place from deep in our dreams; on streets of gold …side by side ….with the King of Kings.


Berri Outlaw

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Mom, Kim and Maggie
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